Saturday, April 18, 2015

She's a Brick.... House!

So much has happened since we last updated. The house is coming along so nice. On Easter we went by and wrote verses on the wooden frame (credit for this idea goes to Natasha from

We also noticed that they started to put the brick up around the side. Since our lot is a "high visibility" lot RH's paid for brick to go around the entire house (normally this would be an upgrade...only the front comes standard) and we love it!

I'm so glad we went with the oil finished bronze fixtures!

Yesterday we went back and saw the brick was finished and they had started with the other siding.  In the interior they had all dry wall up and painted and cabinets had been installed!

This is going to be my favorite angle of the house. You can see our yard, the trees across the street and if you look closely part of the golf course green. 

This shot really shows the contrast of the brick and blue siding. I think it looks great!

Master bathroom cabinets in F airfield Square Maple Honey

Dinning room and living room

Rushmore's Hazelnut Glaze cabinets! 
 We finally got our approval letter although NVR Mortgage had to refer us to one of the mortgage companies they partner with because of something weird going on with my student loans. Anyway, it is all straightened out now and we are good to go.


  1. We also did the verses throughout our house. Just love the idea and the sense of peace related to it. :) And I love the brick at the bottom. I wish that was standard for all homes and not just the high visibility ones. :) Love the kitchen cabinets, too. And congrats on the approval! Nothing better.