Friday, June 19, 2015

A "Lot" has changed!

In just a few hours we will be closing on our dream house. We have been living in a hotel for the last four nights because the buyer of our condo would not do a rent back until today so we are really ready for this! The movers are coming this afternoon. I thought I would post a picture of us when our lot first became sold. We were going to do a retroactive post about why we picked the lot we did but of course we never had time too. Basically, we got the best lot available that didn't have a lot premium. The exterior lots (the ones backing to the trees and / or the ones in the cul-de-sac) were about $40K more than the interior lots. We really wanted a lot that had a view of trees so when we first visited PS we were pretty disappointed about that but decided to take a tour of the neighborhood anyway. While driving around on the golf cart we passed a lot and K shouted "STOP. This is it! This is our lot!". A corner lot that had trees across from it and just beyond the trees you can see the golf course. It is beautiful and since we didn't have to pay that lot premium we were pretty happy.