Friday, April 3, 2015

From Foundation to Framing!

A lot has happened since we've last posted so I will try to catch you up with pictures. I had to drive out to PS  a few weeks ago to drop off one of our installment checks. I believe it was a Monday. At that point, it appeared they had just finished pouring the concrete and laid the foundations! This was pretty exciting since it was really the first tangible evidence that a house - our house! - was being built on top of what formerly had been a promising pile of dirt! I took some photos:

I returned with my wife only a few days later to find the house had been more or less completely framed, with 4 walls and that "siding stuff" that says "Ryan Homes" all over it!
Katie enjoying the view (and her Starbucks)

One week later, and this is how things look:
PD likes the look of his future bedroom!
Back yard
"Those stairs look scary, mom"

Living room (aka study and library) and dinning room area
Soon-to-be kitchen
Our fireplace!
Side view

And now we just got word that they are ready to schedule our pre-drywall meeting so things are happening very fast. In fact so fast that we didn't even have time to update this blog!


  1. Looking big and beautiful!! I love the above ground basement....

  2. nice post, were still waiting for concrete to pour. Looking forward to the updates.