Saturday, February 7, 2015

Why Potomac Shores? It's a Destination for a Lifetime!

When K found out she was expecting we knew it would just be a matter of time before we would need to move out of our smallish townhome style condo and into a single family home. We really liked the idea of new construction and with the housing market just starting to recover, we found the prices to be the very favorable (actually, in most cases we found that new construction prices were LESS than a lot of the resale homes on the market). One of the main reasons we wanted to move to Potomac Shores was to be in Prince William County (currently live in the City). K teaches in PWCS so we really loved the idea of our son being in the same school system she works for and knew he would be getting a "world class education" in PWCS.

My mother in law actually found Potomac Shores first and told us about it but we were convinced it was out of our price range.  We were pleasantly surprised to find that they had recently added a new floor plan that was in our price range, The Hampton. However, I was not a fan of it. It was only a few more sq. feet than our condo and had a 2 car "tandem garage" which seemed pretty impractical for us. Then I fell in love with the next floor plan up, The John Smith, but it was about $25K out of our price range (as you can see they have a colonial tidewater theme going on with the names of their models and by the way, all their models were created by Ryan and NV Homes exclusively for Potomac Shores so they are brand new floor plans). Although they were offering quite a bit of incentive money we decided it wasn't the right time. A couple months later on a rainy Sunday afternoon I decided to check out their website and I noticed a price difference on that floor plan. Thinking it just hadn't been updated in awhile I immediately emailed the sales rep and found out they had just dropped that particular floor plan exactly $25K for their Fall Savings promotion!

We were looking for more than just a home....we were looking for a community. One that had plenty of walking trails and a strong commitment to the conservation of Nature (M is a conservationist at heart and studied conservation biology in college!). Potomac Shores was exactly that. It was a true planned community with plans for 10 miles of walking trials, a community garden and orchards and over 800 acres of land reserved just for conservation. Not to mention plans for the near future town shopping center next to the Potomac River, a VRE station, a sailing marina, and "canoe club". The website has beautiful photos and does a much better job capturing the vision of  Tidewater living so check it out -


  1. I love that you're blogging about building in this community! I always see the ads on tv, and I'm so curious about it.

  2. Congratulations! That is a lot of incentives. I thought we got a good deal, but you got a steal.

    I used to live up that area when I was stationed at Fort Belvoir. Beautiful area.

  3. Thanks Nick. I did look back on my paperwork and realized it was $30K they were giving as incentive money for upgrades. Then I got another $13500 credited back from included features we decided not to get (i.e. the finished basement) so we were able to use that $ on other upgrades. At first they did not have any of that contingent on using NVR Mortgage but they later went back corrected that as part of it was an incenvite only if we used NVR mortgage so now the $21,000 they are paying towards closing costs and buying the rate down is only if we use NVR Mortgage (unless they for some reason deny us and we can get approved elsewhere - then they would still ve us that $ but I don't foresee that happening), I guess I should go back and correct my post. How do I do that again? LOL.