Sunday, February 1, 2015

Envisioning the Dream


So why did we decide to start a blog about our new home? If anyone had invited me to read a blog about their new home, I'm sure I would have completely ignored it. In today's era of blogs about everything and nothing, who would want to read yet another one about spending a bunch of money on a home? Seems a bit narcissistic. Well, here are the reasons why, dear reader:
  1. To help other prospective buyers who may be considering building in Potomac Shores
  2. To solicit feedback and advice from people we trust (after all, it can be hard to envision the whole picture when you only have a small sample of granite to work with).
  3. To personalize and commemorate this experience so our children can see how our house became their home.


  1. Hey Potomac, I am now following you. thanks for reading my blog. I hope it helped. Please let me know if there is another tab I can add to help new bloggers like yourself? Looking forward to your progress. Welcome to the blog.

  2. Welcome to blog land! There are a lot of us currently in the process of building!