Monday, July 11, 2016

Welcome to the Neighborhood - Free printable!

Since this is a neighborhood blog I thought I would post about some of the neighborly things we do.

We had new neighbors move in to the lot behind us and we wanted to welcome them so I designed this printable.
My plan was to attach it to bread or pizza dough mix to give as a gift (hence the use of the pun when I said "We're here if you knead us").  You could even go all out and do a pizza kit gift basket with the dough, pizza cutter, and pizza stone. The Pampered Chef has very cute personal pan pizza stones.  They also have pizza and bread dough mixes (they have gluten free as well).
I got the fonts and digital paper to design this at a great website called Hungry Jpeg and I highly recommend them. They have an amazing bundle going on right now so go grab it while you can!

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