Monday, May 18, 2015

A "Lot" to choose from

We've got sod, landscaping and a painted garage...and it looks grrrreat!!!

Loving the "iron grey" garage

A 3/4 view showing the nice landscaping job
Maybe it's since I'm a guy, but the house is really just starting to become a reality for me. The only way I can really explain it is to compare it to having our first son, Patrick. He only started to become "real" to me when he was born. It's so different for women than it is for men. As men, I feel like we have to see it take shape before we can truly begin to imagine all the possibilities it holds for our future. I think women share a much more intimate and personal connection to the home building process. Just as they have a profoundly intimate, personal connection to the life that is growing inside of them. Us men, we just want it to be done and finished so we can start wrestling with it, or throwing the ball with it, or (on the more nurturing side of things) read to it. My wife and I (mostly me, to be quite honest) had to prove some things to ourselves before we could dare to dream that the dream could become a reality. Well, as Napoleon Hill famously said, "whatever the mind of man (and woman, thank you very much!) can conceive and believe, it can achieve!" It will be all the more sweeter knowing that my family, still small, will, God-willing, grow up to know that big things often have very small beginnings.


  1. W-O-W! For a second (OK, two), I thought you posted a rendering of your house, because it looks AMAZING! I know you faced a dilemma with your brick, but the end result is truly remarkable. I love its distinct look; they truly achieved the "Tidewater" architecture. I love it!

    1. Thanks Joanna! We are getting very excited about it.

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